Monday, July 15, 2013

The Wealth Team Is A Penny Matrix Team Build                                                  
The Wealth Team Will Help You Earn Unlimited Income!

Everyone is looking for an affordable Online Money Making Opportunity because of financial instability around the World. The Penny Matrix Money Making Opportunity is affordable for everyone and exploding Worldwide as the answer to many people's financial problems. If you truly want to earn unlimited money, make The
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Access 1000's of E-books within the Penny Matrix Digital Library... 

The e-book industry is quickly becoming a multi-billion dollar industry. As an affiliate you have the opportunity to share the Penny Matrix Digital Library and Money Making Opportunity with the World. As an active subscriber you will have access to a massive digital library of e-books. Download an e-book of your choice each month beginning with 10 e-books your very first month.

$6553.20 Monthly Just Being an E-book Subscriber...

Rather than pay for advertising, the company pays active subscribers for sharing with others the Penny Matrix Digital Library and Money Making Opportunity. Subscribers receive earnings with a generous commission structure. With a one-of-a-kind pay structure everyone's earning potential is truly unlimited. You will receive commissions on all even numbered levels down to level 14. ie: levels 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14. Best of all you are not required to sponsor anyone and can earn up to $6553.20 simply by being an active e-book subscriber. Never before has making money on the Internet been so easy. You can literally earn a fortune. Whether you are ready to acheive financial freedom or simply earn a couple of extra bucks each month to help pay your bills, you can do it here with us. No need to look any further, this Amazing Money Making Opportunity offers Unprecedented Earning Potential for a low $7 per month subscription fee. Signup Today!

A 100% Matching Bonus Allows Infinite Earning Potential...

Simply put, for every member you refer on every level to infinity, you will earn a 100% Matching Bonus up to $6553.20 per month from each personal referral you bring into the opportunity. A compensation plan such as this is unheard of within the Home Based Business Industry. Just imagine, by referring only 2 members you could potentially earn up to $19,659.60 per month. Personally sponsor more members and build your financial future even more. We will be with you every step of your "Journey To Financial Success". We know the pitfalls and disappointments of the Network Marketing Industry and after years of experience, we are ready to Lead The Way and help you Build Your Future.

The "Power of Two" Team Building System... Get Two Members On Your Level 1...

You will receive Powerful Benefits as an
Wealth Team Member. When you join our Wealth Team Downline, your Penny Matrix referral link will be entered into our first Team Building Strategy, The "Power of Two" Team Building System. When you reach two Penny Matrix members on your level 1, you will be removed from The "Power Of Two" Team Building System to give other Wealth Team members a chance to receive two members on their level 1.

Wealth Team is committed to helping you build your downline as quickly as possible. Your level 1 members may be sponsored by you through our system or from spillover. The Power Of Two System was designed simply to get your downline moving by getting two members on your level 1 as quickly as possible. But we're not going to stop there... You're going to be entered into The Wealth Team's Powerful "Wealth For Life" Team Rotator System...

Our "
Wealth For Life" Team Rotator System Will Get You Unlimited Referrals Plus Unlimited Income...
Your Penny Matrix referral link will be placed on The Most Exciting Team Rotator of all, The "
Wealth For Life" Team Rotator System. The Wealth Team is committed to help you earn Unlimited Income, so we've developed this Powerful Rotator that you will be placed into for the life of your Wealth Team membership. We're extremely excited about this system because for every Penny Matrix personal referral you are credited with you will earn an additional potential $6553.20 per month 100% Matching Bonus!

And Guess What? It does not matter what level your Penny Matrix personal referral falls on whether it's your level 2 or level 1000, you will receive the 100% Matching Bonus. And are you ready for this? As a
Wealth Team member you are not required to meet minimum visitor requirements to stay on the "Wealth For Life" rotator. You simply need to be an active member of Penny Matrix through The Wealth Team.

Just sit back relax and watch your Income Soar to Unlimited Proportions. And best of all you only need to keep up with your $7 per month subscription that keeps you active in an already amazing e-book library. What have you got to loose? Nothing at all! So act now and join the most exciting Penny Matrix Team Build on the Internet.

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